About us

Located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Planet Donut & Bakery was established in 2000 under Woo Business Consultants W.L.L.  We saw a need to cater to our growing customer base, and expand our mainstream products also specializing in donuts. Today we are one of the major established bakeries serving Bahrain while we also cater to restaurants, supermarkets, cold stores and other businesses.

At Planet Donut & Bakery, we strive to provide and please our customers with the best products from over 20 years experience of baking. Our ingredients are fresh and are of high quality as we believe that it is an important factor to the taste and quality of our breads. We firmly believe in not using any artificial preservatives to give our breads the freshest smell and taste, and also for your health. Since we also believe in your well being, our bread lines are all trans-fat free.

What is Trans Fat?

Trans Fat is considered to be the worst type of fat. Trans fat raises your “bad” LDL cholesterol and lowers your “good” HDL cholesterol. It is not essential and not beneficial to human health.  A high LDL cholesterol level is a major risk factor for heart disease by accumulating fatty deposits on the walls of your arteries and can cause a stroke or heart attack.  Other effects of consuming Trans fat raise the risk of Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Liver Dysfunction, Infertility, and Depression.

Besides other fats; Saturated Fat, and Unsaturated Fat (fat that help lower LDL cholesterol), our breads are all Trans Fat Free, meaning “No trans fat”.  We do not use additives or preservatives.  We are aware of the world that is more health conscious today and are striving to offer you healthier breads to enjoy.

We will strive to set the standards of bread and our customer’s experience by listening, and forming a long term relationship where we will be able to meet their sophisticated needs and tastes.

We hope you find "Delight in every bite".

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